Sticking your neck out…or not? Australian Freshwater Turtle

Recently we came across this freshwater turtle over on the Clarence River NSW. I think there is something rather lovely about turtles.

I don’t know a lot about turtles and I am not sure what this particular turtles species name is, but apparently there are 24 freshwater species in Australia. Turtle conservation groups in partnership with PARC (Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation) are designating 2011 as the Year of the Turtle

This little fellow decided – as you would do if you were a turtle and one of these rather large creatures decided to pick you up and look at your undersides – he/she hid.

“You can’t really see me hiding under here can you?”

“Now if I was on the ground…you REALLY couldn’t see me!!”

…an underbelly…an underneck and foot/flipper…

Despite what they say about being slow – turtles can move pretty fast when going for a quick getaway!!

May 23rd 2011 is World Turtle Day

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