Designing – Redesigning and ‘Re-tweeking’ Linocut Designs

Sometimes I do some drawings and leave them in my sketchbooks for later reference. Likewise with some linocut designs – for a number of reasons including not being fully happy with a particular design I will set them aside.

In the case of two new designs this is what happened. I had worked up both a Hakea and Grevillea design in a larger format of the Design Series but I wasn’t really happy with them so to the side they went.

Whilst doing some new design in square 15cm x 15cm designs I went back to my file and found these older designs, rescanned them and had another look at them reformatting them into the new square designs using photoshop.  I then photocopied them and produced several different size formats of the various elements of the work.

From there with trusty black felt pens, liquid paper, scissors and glue I went to work at ‘re-tweeking’ the designs.


At this point I am still not sure about whether I will cut these designs but I thought I’d show one of the processes I use in designing. At times I will work designs parts of designs through on the computer or photocopy them and cut sections up. It is just another method that can be useful in designing.

These are the original designs:

These are the results:

Grevillea aurea

Hakea multilineata


4 thoughts on “Designing – Redesigning and ‘Re-tweeking’ Linocut Designs

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  1. I do enjoy your black backgrounds with thick black frames that you do in your artwork. The square format suits these flower compositions nicely. Thanks for talking about your process for developing an image. I also find myself scanning, photocopying, cutting, taping, inking, and so forth, to come up with a final design. I enjoy that part of the process.

    1. Hi Karen,
      Glad you enjoy the blog – somehow I really like working this way. I have schools contacting me that use my blog in their teaching so I try and add some content that may help students find their own methods of working/designing.

  2. Lyn
    Thank you so much for sharing the 2 images – the photo and the lino cut – it is always a mystery for me how to translate from one to the other. You have been very helpful.
    Love your work

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