Flannel Flowers, Teatree & Blueberry Ash

This morning I went out to photograph the flannel flowers – Actinotus helianthi – in Wardell. This is a small town just south of Ballina – it has large sandy sections that get covered in flannel flowers.These are short- lived plants flowering mainly in Spring and are replaced each year by seedlings.

I love these white starry ‘daisy like’ flowers however they are not daisies – they are actually part of the celery family and the flowers are like thick pieces of soft white flannel material with soft green tips.

They grow into low plants with soft green leaves and long stems.

The Coastal Teatree – Leptospermum laevigatum – is another favourite of mine and grows mainly in heathland. I am currently carving a new small design of these.

Blueberry Ash – Elaeocarpus reticulatis – is a small tree with tiny fluffy bell like flowers. They remind me of small ballerina or fairy skirts.



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