and PRINTED!!! Linocuts to Linoprints

Just finished printing the last 3 designs I carved. After getting all organised to start early this morning in my old printing clothes I went to the paper drawer to find what I thought was a packet of the particular acid free rag paper was not the one I was using for this particular series….sigh…

So it was getting into some respectable ‘town’ clothes and trekking into Lismore – and of course the usual art store was out of paper but the other store had some!!

So iPod loaded with some new music including Aston that I am enjoying I finally got to teh studio this afternoon and get the prints done.

Now I need to wait for the ink to dry to paint some proofs making decisions about colour and then the final prints for editioning.

Banksia serrata Linoprint


Australian Floral Emblems Linoprint


Australian Rainforest Linoprint


4 thoughts on “and PRINTED!!! Linocuts to Linoprints

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  1. Your linoprints are amazing.
    I haven’t had the energy-literally- to finish my latest print. It is of that very small banksia, with very thin serrated leaves. I keep getting it out, putting the tool next to it and then staring at it. LOL

    1. I finally finished the Banksia serrata!! A bit intricate – just need ot paint it now but trying to finish a couple of other things to print first so I can do some painting while they are drying…trying to be disciplined lol!!

  2. Hi Lynette

    Your linocuts are exquisite! I shall be following your site with great interest. I have much to learn. I’ll be back soon to read your posts at my leisure. So glad I found you.


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