Still here…

Yes I am still here…I haven’t actually fallen off the face of the planet…well not yet at least!!

I have been busy with some family/life matters for the past few weeks which has put the artwork on the back burner…again…
I have struggled with issues around neck/shoulder RSI type things for a while now and this has been flaring up in recent weeks. It doesn’t help that my work involves lots of looking down so my posture needs severe attention as well!

I have completed one major project recently – well almost – and will post about that when it is finalised. I am also hoping to finish another major linocut project over the next few weeks if I can get my neck etc to co-operate!

In the meantime I have started back on some botanical illustration work as a break from carving and printing and will post about that asap!

It doesn’t help now that I currently have all my children at home, they have managed to use ALL the broadband allowance for the past month up and we are currently on dial up speed – not impressed. However, I am still stubbornly refusing to purchase extra in the valiant hope that they will all learn…maybe…to curb their usage. So uploading images is pretty slow but just a couple more days!

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  1. Hi, Lyn- I’m so sorry the neck/shoulder stuff is acting up. I had a 2-month-long bout with something like that this summer… numbness and pain and ache in my entire left side for weeks and weeks and weeks. It’s miserable, and I feel for you. It’s almost as miserable as DIAL-UP! Argh! 🙂 Hang in there!

    1. This last week has been not too bad so I am finally getting back to a bit of carving – although slowly. Think I’ve spent a fortune at the physio LOL!

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