School bullying – Kate Miller-Heidke – Caught in the Crowd

Kate Miller-Heidke – Caught in the Crowd – is a song about school bullying from the perspective of the onlooker. I have always thought it is important in addressing the issues involved in school bullying that it includes not only the victim and the perpetrator, but also the onlookers. By standing by and watching and not helping, the onlooker is also participating in the bullying itself. Kate Miller-Heidke has been recognised for this song and the important issues in educating students about school bullying that it is able to highlight.

A webpage has bee created to talk about this important issue –

Schools were asked to make videos and the winner was from Upper Coomera State College,

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  1. She’s on to something, pity the song came out after Columbine, perhaps if the song makes it in America, it can campaign throughout the schools, and prevent anymore human destruction.

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