NSW North Coast ‘Weather Incident’

Early last week a weather forecaster talked about a ‘weather incident’ heading to South East Queensland and Northern NSW. Translated (with hindsight) this meant torrential rains, gale force winds, floods, trees down, roads washed away, electricity, phone and in some places water cut off.

Fortunately where we live is not affected by flooding and we managed to keep electricity and phone connected – although I was sure on Thursday night we would lose electricity with several episodes of power flicking.

The sun came out on Friday only to be replaced by storms, gale winds and rain until late last night. the sun has been coming through for most of today.

…Just a few images of the flooding in Lismore taken yesterday about lunchtime…

BridgeLismoreFloods Flood Guage

IMG_0244 IMG_0228

IMG_0217 IMG_0203

IMG_0199 IMG_0189

2 thoughts on “NSW North Coast ‘Weather Incident’

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    1. Yes it is a lot of water – and we have had an awful lot of rain this year. I spoke to someone from Melbourne who was saying ti hardly ever rains there these days – grey days, a little drizzle and not much else. We would actually be glad of a little less rain and I think most would be happy to send it your way! Just don’t know how to make that work….

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