Sydney and Botanica 2009

I have been away in Sydney for the past week and managed to spend a morning wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens and Art Gallery of NSW. It has been over 2 years since my last visit and I was grateful the rain held off so I could just wander around.

It was an added bonus that the annual Friends of the Botanic Gardens Botanica 2009 exhibition is currently on! Some absolutely exquisite work on display and for sale and you can even get a cuppa and scones!
Very inspiring day!

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    1. Hi Snail – yes it was a lovely day the others in the family went shopping which I don’t particularly like anyway!
      We had gone to Sydney for my husband’s Masters graduation so it was a bit of a flying trip for a few days so one wandering morning was great!

  1. I hope you had a look at the flyingfoxes in the gardens and are inspired to add them to your linocut collection


    1. Hi Greer,
      Yes I did look at the flying foxes – we have a large number in a local colony in Alstonville which I have studied in the past. One of my numerous designs which I constantly log in my notebooks! I have been planning to use the notes and sketches from these for another linocut design but am presently trying to complete the large number of current projects! lol!!

      1. Thanks Greer – I might take you up on that offer in the future! As I said I’ve had a few ideas and small sketches bubbling away fro a while – I just need to complete what I’ve got underway at the moment.

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