ringtail-possumOn Monday in amongst torrential rain there was an enormous ruckus in the trees in our backyard. Much screeching, peeping and carry on from the local Noisy Miners.


At first I thought it must have been the local cat they hate but then spotted this Ringtail PossumPseudocheirus peregrinis. It is unusual to see one out during the day and the Noisy Miners were not impressed that this creature was in their territory! They really are extremely aggressive.

So this poor harangued creature watched and cowered and slowly made it’s way across the trees and then out of sight.

ringtail-possum-13web ringtail-possum-6web ringtail-possum-8web

The photos aren’t as clear I as would like but it was pouring rain and the shots were taken in dashes from under the eaves.

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