Powderpuff Lilly Pilly…today’s garden wandering

powderpuff-lilly-pilly-3On today’s garden wandering I found that there was still one Powderpuff Lilly PillySyzigium wilsonii subsp. wilsonii – flowering. The others in another section of the garden finished a month ago. These plants have dooping leaves with large gorgeous deep red flowers with starry tips, followed by white berries. The new leaf growth starts as a pink and grades through to the darker green mature leaves. They are my favourite flowers of the lilly pilly family and fortunately grow very well in this Northern NSW region where they are found in local rainforests. I completed this linocut design of the powderpuff lilly pilly some years back now.

powderpuff-lilly-pilly 14ppufflillypillyweb powderpuff-lilypily

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  1. Although often shortened its correct name is Syzygium wilsonii subsp.wilsonii (One of two sub species)(Myrtaceae) and it grows naturally in rainforest from Whyabeel near Mossman to Hinchinbrook Island in North Queensland growing as high as 840m above sea level hence it can be grown successfully well south of its origins-at least as far South as Sydney.

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