Christmas is coming – the Christmas Bells are finally flowering!

I must apologise for not posting regularly recently and for the lack of artwork posts. I have had to spend some considerable time with my mother-in-law who is in a nursing home as she has been unwell and needs help. So really not much artwork happening – it is not just the visiting, it is the mental and emotional drain of the whole process as well that leaves me unable to find the mental space to work…

chrissybells-2webInstead I have had another little wander round my garden and to my great surprise and amazement – after 3 years of sitting like a small gathering of green sticks my Christmas Bells – Blandfordia punicea – are flowering. As you can see they are tucked in amongst some midyam bushes and I must have walked by for a few days without seeing them! I must admit to doing a little dance and rushing in to get my camera! Wow a good spring wildflowering in my garden – flannel flowers, christmas bells, rhododendrons, cairns lillies, strawflowers and even the what looked like a dead waratah (only about my 10th attempt to grow one) is now sprouting new growth!

Hope you enjoy these photos – such gorgeous elegant flowers – Christmas must be on its way!



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