Linocut carving and 1970’s food warmers…

I know this seems an odd combination but on really cold days or average days where it is too hot to warm the room but not hot enough to help make the lino soft and pliable then I use the food warmer. Basically it was a trendy thing I think to use these electric food warmers on tables to keep casseroles etc warm for a dinner party.

I have two – both of which belonged to my mother-in-law – she LOVED having large numbers of family and friends over with tables full of food. I actually don’t think these food warmers were used much as they seem brand new. I can also remember the warmers which had candles underneath…You can tell they are from the 1970’s by the ‘mission brown’ colour scheme and patternwork – the other one is that delightful 1970’s ‘orange tones’. They are however great because I set them up next to me and lightly warm the lino which makes it easier to carve. So for all you ‘lino-carvers’ out there – the next time you visit a garage sale or op shop check to see if they have one – they work exceptionally well.

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  1. Lyn, this is a great idea. I have a food warmer and never thought of using it for warming lino. Thanks for the tip.

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