Currently Linocut Carving – Wildflorals

I am currently working my way slowly carving a new series of linocuts which I have called 'Wildflorals'. Perhaps they are 'wild' but maybe I should also have bracketed the title 'slightly mad'. They are a series of 6 designs based around 6 different Australian wildflowers - Banksia, Waratah, Waxflower, Wattle, Firewheel & Gum Blossoms.... Continue Reading →

Linocut Carving – Native Rhododendron

Today I am carving a design based around the Native Rhododendron. Currently this species is just starting to bud in my garden - it has gorgeous deep red bell-shaped flowers and dark green leaves. This linocut is part of the Design Art series I am working on. I have highlighted different sections of this linoblock... Continue Reading →

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