Noisy Miners and the local cats…

My middle son wanted a cat – for a long time we resisted as I was concerned for the native birds/animals. But somehow we got talked around – as long as it was an indoor cat with a bell. She is quite a  little ‘miss’, likes things her own way and ‘tells’ you so with a rather loud persistent meow.

One of the things she enjoys is prowling from one window to the next right around the house. She watches all the ‘moving’ things outside – at the moment in particular the noisy miners keep her quite entertained.

Now I’m sure she would attempt to catch them if allowed out because ‘they move and jump and seem like such a good thing to chase’ –  but I am equally sure they’d give her a decent run for her money!! There is another local cat that seems to be a recent addition to the local area – a grey tabby. I know exactly where it is of a day – not because it wears a bell that I can hear but also because the noisy miners have taken a severe dislike to it and are acting as vigilante dive bombers wherever they can get a clear shot. Now these birds can be quite vicious and nasty and have been known to injure and kill other birds – they may be smaller but the noisy miners have quite the attitude and tend to ‘hunt’ in packs!! When they can’t get a clear shot of this cat they sit up above the area the cat is in and squawk incessantly giving it their collective ‘piece of mind’. Now our cat ‘Ren’ should actually be grateful for the defence of glass and screen! Today we found the grey tabby cowering under our front deck and had to forcibly evict it. I admit I do in this case tend to agree with the noisy mynas as I really prefer my native birds and wildlife be left in peace!

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