Designing…linocuts…inside the processing…

Designing linocuts 1Designing linocuts or any artwork can be a very individual process depending on many factors including the media the artist works in, the style of work and can even come down to the space/time available. Many artists work in a highly intuitive and spontaneous manner, particularly in the contemporary arts practice and produce the most wonderful inspirational work.

Many other artists spend a long time researching background information, drawing individual aspects of the design or idea, sampling colours and producing smaller works either in total or parts of the final artwork. This method has been a time honoured tradition so that we have artists workbooks/journals/sketchbooks from great artists like Leonardo Da Vinci – it is through these that we can get a better sense of what the artist was thinking and how they went about producing their artworks. It is interesting that in art education now the “journal” or process is an integral part of the curriculum with students needing to show how they came to the end product – their artwork. The NSW HSC requires the use of and inclusion of the “artist journal” as part of the marking and assessment processes.

At the moment I am designing a larger piece and thought I’d give a little insight into the beginnings of this process. It started with a scrappy little sketch on the back of the only piece of paper I could dig out of the bottom of my handbag when whilst out and about, I had the idea. Progressing on from there I have been researching, photographing, drawing up and developing different aspects of the original sketch. This photo shows some of those things…as you can see it has something to do with waratahs….

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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