Today…loose ends…wildflower cards…silkcut award

I have completed the linocut I was working on and spent the day tidying up some loose ends.

I also received an order for some wildflower cards and so arranged their delivery…

Australian Wildflowers Card Set of 6

I have been starting to get some thoughts together for a design for the bi-annual silkcut award. I must say I am enjoying carving the new (old style) grey lino from silkcut and have a few ideas….

I am fortunate that I can vary what I am working on – if my RSI is niggling I can move to painting/designing or even out taking photos, or if family member needs something done I can usually adjust what I am doing on a particular day. The downside is that it is really hard to make a real living especially with artwork when people have trouble paying for basic daily needs having that artwork for the wall is just a luxury. So although I work nearly everyday and some nights the return is not great…and that makes it hard to maintain.

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