Cassowary – from long ago….

Cassowary IllustrationThis Cassowary drawing is one I completed as part of my HSC Art Major Works – a long time ago…..

I used the fine rotring pen that I have resurrected for my recent illustration course work and used watercolour pencils for the colouring.

Cassowary 1 Cassowary 2

Cassowary are huge scary birds – they have large, dangerous toed feet and that bony ‘headpiece’ can do serious damage to unwary intruders. The cassowary conservation website highlights the dangers –

  • Never feed a Cassowary
  • Feeding Cassowaries can result in:

    • Birds leaving their natural forest habitat
    • Aggressive, dangerous behaviour towards humans
    • Serious harm for people and pets.
    • Death or injury to birds through car strikes and dog attacks

That being said one of my most favourite children’s books is The Cassowary’s Egg written and illustrated with totally engaging and wonderful illustrations by Gary Fleming.

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