Moreton Bay Fig – Botanical Illustration

I have been doing just a short course on Botanical Illustration at the local adult community education. Although I draw all my designs most of which are botanical and I see my linocuts as botanical linocuts, I have never done any formal training in botanical illustration. So I am doing a short 4 week course….here is my first botanical illustration. It is a Moreton Bay Fig – one of my all time most favourite trees – we have 2 in the reserve nearby our house. I will post some photos of them tomorrow.Moreton Bay Fig Botanical Illustration

5 thoughts on “Moreton Bay Fig – Botanical Illustration

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    1. Thanks Wendy!
      I really want to get back into the botanical illustration work I started last year but am trying to complete a number of unfinished projects – some of which have been on the go for the past 5 years! I will get back to them though – hopefully soon!

    1. Hi Linley, We have 2 very large Moreton Bay Figs backing onto our yard. I love them – with the birdlife and flying foxes when there is fruit and their lovely trunks and spreading limbs they are just simply beautiful.

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