Gymea and Spear Lily

Doryanthus excelsiiDoryanthus palmerii
Gymea Lily                                                     Spear Lily
The Gymea Lily Doryanthus excelsii is just finishing flowering in our region. This spectacular plant is from the Sydney region and in partiicular the Sutherland Shire. It’s tall straight flower spike can be seen from a long way off and is a favourite with birds. It is a favourite of mine and I have designed a linocut using the Gymea Lily. The local related Spear Lily Doryanthus palmeri is another spectacular plant. The tall flower spike has flower ‘arms’ that come off the main spike which produce many red nectar filled flowers. I have a number of these plants in my garden but have had to remove 3 or 4 as they grow quite large. Apparently there are some large specimens found at Mt Warning. It is listed as a vulnerable species.



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