Home again and ‘Oh My Stars’

I am home after over a week away helping family - a busy but nice week. Back carving, drawing and designing - oh and re-arranging furniture/workspaces. I enjoyed this on Good News Week last night - great song and great musicians/singers.

Preparing a Linocut Block for printing

Here a few quick tips on getting your linocut block prepared ready for printing. * Before you start carving or printing a linocut block¬† you can gently remove the waterproof coating. Linocut blocks are coated in a waterproof coating - if you place a drop of water on the surface it will bead and not... Continue Reading →

Somewhere over the Rainbow – for Judy

...for my mother-in-law Judy who I have been helping care for for over 5 years and who is now gravely ill... ...one of her favourite movies and favourite songs which we have been listening to this evening... ...please forgive my lack of posts over the next little while...

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