I have decided that I am going to finally change the WordPress theme for this Studio Diary.

Am just browsing the themes - so look out!!


All the content will be the same, they layout will be different & hopefully it will all be done by the end of the weekend.


This is what happens when you can't carve for a few days - hopefully though the shoulder pain & neck pain will be a whole lot better. I have so many designs that over the past couple of years I have struggled to try to carve that hopefully I will now be able to finish. So look out for all those new designs and some posters too!!

In the meantime check out my new websites.

Lynette Weir

Soulsongart Tutorials

Flannel Flowers – linocut carving

Spent some of the day finishing carving this new Flannel Flowers linocut design. Twas good & stopped regularly to stretch, rest & do exercises for RSI in shoulder. On to the Powderpuff lily pily design tomorrow!

Stunning Firewheel Tree

Well I must say that this years flowering of my Firewheel Tree - stenocarpus sinuatus - is absolutely stunning. I planted this tree when we moved into our house about 21 years ago and although I have had an ever increasing amount of flowers, this years display is beyond anything previous. Maybe it is the... Continue Reading →

The trouble with … Lino …

I have recently been working on preparing a couple of my linocut design images for licensing. I usually always scan at 300dpi and keep these large images. I then reduce these to a much smaller 72dpi for web use. I keep all these scans on an external hardrive - backed up with another external and... Continue Reading →

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