Waratah Drawing

I have recently just finished a pen & ink drawing of a Waratah – Telopia speciosissima. Waratahs are a favourite wildflower of mine especially as I grew up in Sydney & remember the thrill of coming across one unexpectedly when I was roaming around in the bushland near my childhood home.

I use a fine 0.25 Rotring pen to ink in the drawing with many tiny dots – you could say I was quite ‘dotty’ in the process! It can be a quite meditative practice just slowly building up the depth of the drawing with dots & it has been lovely to come back to a pen & ink drawing.

This is a short video from my Instagram showing the process.

All my linocut designs start as drawings so I am always drawing wildflowers! for the linocuts I then develop them into designs that can be carved.

This is the final result of my latest Waratah pen & ink drawing.Waratah 9-3-18 WEBFINAL SMALL


Just a small word of warning though – all my artworks are copyright protected – I have had a little trouble in recent times unfortunately. So please do not download them & use them for products, business or branding. If you want to use any of my artworks for licensing I am always happy to discuss options, please click here for all the details.


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