What a productive, happening community this old olive tree is!!

What a productive, happening and harmonious bird community is in and around this old olive tree. There are parent magpies who don’t swoop and allow the local humans to help out with their fallen baby, two wide eyed baby Tawny Frogmouths with ever watchful silent parents and now There is another nest in the old olive tree.

This time it is a Crested Pigeon – Ocyphaps lophotes. These lovely soft grey pigeons can often be heard around my home cooing softly to each other as they sit in the large poinciana tree in my backyard or just wander around on the grass looking for seed.

We have in the past had a little crop of baby crested pigeons so it was a great delight to find that another nest has joined in the the Tawnies and Magpies at my friends house. We will be watching carefully over the next few weeks to see what develops in the pigeon family!

If you look carefully you can see the nesting mother – can’t wait to see if we get another little brood.

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