Coastal Emus – near Maclean NSW

Well it definitely has been a long time between posts!! I must apologise for such a long time since I last posted but life has been extremely hectic with family matters but after weeks away off and on over the past 4 months I think (hope) it has settled for a while so that I can get back to work!!

I have however taken lots of photos over the last few months so I will attempt to do a bit of a ‘catch up’ over the next few weeks.

These particular birds are emus – or to be more precise Eastern Coastal Emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae) of which there are apparently only 15% of the original population left in the coastal Northern Rivers region.

I have heard of the Coastal Emus but have never before seen them. I cam across this particular group in a newly harvested cane field not far from the township of Maclean in the Clarence River Valley, Northern Rivers NSW. They were casually grazing in this paddock but I was not overly keen to get too close given their large bulk, legs & toes!! So all these photos are taken with a zoom lens!!



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  1. Hi Lynette. it is lovely that you got these photographs If it was on the eastern side of the Pacific Highway in the paddock opposite the Ferry Park turnoff to Maclean they are likely the same ones that I have seen only twice in all my years of travelling up and down the highway. It is special to see such an endangered species still in the wild. Here’s hoping that the extension to the Pacific highway’s dual carriageway south of Ballina does not spell their demise, although I am aware of a local newspaper report of a sugar cane harvester rescuing a clutch of baby coastal emus in this area 3 or 4 years ago. I wrote a drabble (100-word story) today about meeting a good friend of my late father’s yesterday at Harwood Island (just south of Maclean NSW) and our discussion about the coastal emu. I was looking for a photograph of the coastal emu to illustrate it and will include a link to this page. Alexandra

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