Out of my studio window – Banksias and Rainbow Lorikeets

I must apologise for the long ‘break in transmission’ – sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything.

I actually have 2 studios – one is my print studio where I  sometimes go to do work besides actual printing, as it is quiet and is outside the household so I can ‘hide’ there!! Well every girl needs a shed!

This quiet space may get a little tricky as my youngest son is studying art for his HSC and instead of having his work strewn throughout the house I have given him a small space inside this print studio where he is supposed to keep all his work. This means he can work up there as well as store things and leave his work out rather than having to pack it up out of my lounge room so we can at least sit down! We’ll see if it works!!

The other studio space is a room within our house where I can work and still interact with the family – so I can carve, draw etc there. This has its positives and negatives as I would probably get more work done if I could simply hide in the outside studio but not so good on the family front. It is light and airy and has two walls of large windows that open into my garden. Outside the northern windows are two large banksias – Banksia serrata and Banksia robur that have been flowering profusely over the past couple of months. The local rainbow lorikeets and their families have found these source of nectar and have been there constantly feeding. It has been lovely working in this space with them close by with all their antics. Our cat has also found it a source of entertainment and perhaps frustration as she can watch but not ‘get’.

Their call can be a little raucous – and I must admit though that the one factor that has been a little grating is the incessant cries of the baby lorikeets that is a little akin to fingernails on a chalkboard kind of sound…and it can go on and on..but this is usually overcome by watching them at their antics. I have taken these photos through the fly screens but thought they came up quite well considering.

Using native plants in the garden to attract and feed the birds and supply bird baths for water is a wonderful way to create ‘birdfeeders’ in the garden without the expense and mess of actual bird seed feeders. It is also far healthier for the birds.

As you can see these lorikeets are curious and also enjoy checking out those that are watching them!

2 thoughts on “Out of my studio window – Banksias and Rainbow Lorikeets

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  1. These pics are great, it must be lovely to have such vibrantly coloured birds in your garden- I think a woodpecker is about the most colourful bird in my garden at the moment, making a noise a bit like a hammer drill !

    1. They are lovely – although have moved on at the moment as they have used up the banksia supplies – but they’ll come back again. I have also planted some new banksia species in the garden to encourage more birds.

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