New Linocut! Banksia serrata – Saw Banksia with Seedpod

Saw Banksia with Seedpod

I have finally finished this Banksia serrata linocut – after designing 1, designing 2, designing 3, carving, printing and last night handcolouring it’s done!

This was a complex carving but has a more limited palette for colouring. It will be part of the Design Art series.

2 thoughts on “New Linocut! Banksia serrata – Saw Banksia with Seedpod

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  1. The finished hand-tinted print is lovely! I especially like how the reddish burnt sienna complements the greens, and all the variations in greens throughout the tinted area.

    Do you use an oil-based ink for the printing? If so, does that create surface-resist problems when you add the watercolors post-printing?

    1. Hi Wren – thankyou for you nice comments! I use an oil based ink for printing and watercolours. As I am only painting inside the printed black ‘outlines’ of the design the oil resist works well. If you were to use watercolour inks for printing they would partially come off and muddy the design. So the oil printing ink and watercolour repel thingy works for what I want to achieve with the handcolouring.

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