Zieria laevigata 4WEB

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  1. Thank you for sharing so much, I really like your work, I sumbled on it as I was researching to do some work on flora and fauna and your work came up your site is wonderful. I have recently have been up to Chewton and stayed at a place the OTIS foundation has kindly made availaable for women going through cancer and I was inspired to do my work on the flora and fauna as I walked through the forest I took photos and would like to identify them but am not sure how to go about it. I wonder if you can help: the land, the rocks and plants all sung to me and I thanked them.
    It is interesting that you are organizing your space I have been doing that before my illness struck and am still in need of keeping all things organized as what I am going through is overwhelming so at least I have control of my own space and I am trying desperatly to do this in my studio as for the last year it was used as a storage space whilst we had to do some rennovations as our home needed restumping and it was water logged underneath and we had dry wrought as well. So my fragility after a mystechtomy and chemo as you can appreciate is high and has heightened my understanding of nature around me. You blog is like fresh air! Thank you

    1. Hello Arhonda,
      Thankyou for your enthusiasm for my blog – it is nice to hear especially as I have been a bit erratic with posts this year!
      I’d be happy to help you identify some of your photos – not sure how helpful I would be as I am very much an amateur with no horticultural training!
      I would also be interested in seeing some of your work – do you have a website or images on the web?
      Somehow cleaning out and re-organising can be refreshing – I am hoping to get a boost to start some new work now!
      kind regards

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