Anzac Day 2010 and An Essay on Anzac Day -1981 Sydney march – HSC Major Work

I was studying for my HSC in 1981 and had taken 3 Unit Art for which I had to complete 2 major works. The first on was a series of drawings and the second was a photo essay.

I took many photos including a whole series at the 1981 Anzac Day march in Sydney. I was limited in the number of photos I was able to submit and the following are the ones I ended up deciding on. These are the first photos in sepia in the beginning of this gallery of images.

It was a wonderful and moving day and I tried to convey a range of images that showed what the day meant for many of the participants in the march. It was and is a tribute to those who sacrificed much and who were often very affected by this sacrifice in many ways.

We have had family members fight and been lost in war – I have this year I am including images of four of them. I have updated this on 25/4/18 to include my Great Uncle George Thomas VIDLER.

Emanuel Frederick Weir – was killed on the Western Front WWI
Fred Shawman – fought in the trenches in France WWI
Arthur Gray – fought in New Guinea WWII
Don Vidler – received the Distinguished Flying Cross medal – WWII Europe RAAF

My father in law was a bomber pilot in WWII and after the course of 4 years when I was involved in caring for him he often spoke of his experiences and although he never marched he watched the march every year and it was a very important time for him to reflect.

Flight Officer E. S Weir RAAF

GEORGE VIDLER - NAA_NX47809 - NAtional Archives Australia Photo

Private George Thomas VIDLER NX47809 – Served in Singapore 2/30th Battalion & died on 3/1/1944 in Siam whilst part of the ‘F’ Force on the Thai Burma Railway constructio.

More about George VIDLER can be found here

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