Designing Linocuts – Tasmanian Christmas Bells – Framing Decisions

After completing the linocut then the framing decision had to be made. This is always a tricky and very subjective issue. People can get very ‘iffy’ about what frames are used and what one person likes another doesn’t.

Framing also seems to go in ‘fads’ from large ornate timber to gold frames to timber etc. Sometimes I toss my hands in the air wondering – and always someone has a better suggestion for framing!

I always ask the person if I am framing a work for someone, and try and email them a basic ‘mock up’ digital image to give them some idea. I did this with this work – the choice was a simple black frame or a timber one – both are Australian sustainable plantation timber.

And the decision and final product? (‘scuse the glass)

2 thoughts on “Designing Linocuts – Tasmanian Christmas Bells – Framing Decisions

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  1. Hi Lynette, how do I go about buying one of your prints. Your web page is down so I cant view prints for sale.
    Hoping to hear from you,
    Annette Saville

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