Hawk Moth – Coequosa australasiae

coequosa-australasiae-1A hawk moth – I am pretty sure it is – Coequosa australasiae – found locally.

Unfortunately I think this moth was at the end of its life when found – it can barely stand – but a gorgeous specimen.

I am hoping to get a few more photos and maybe complete an illustration. If you look carefully you can see a small flash of the bright orange on the underwing.

I have been meaning to set up a night lamp and sheet to do some ‘mothing’ – inspiration from Duncan over at Ben Cruachan Blog. Although often seen as not as ‘pretty’ as butterflies moths are simply gorgeous with a velvety flannel look about them and the pattern work on their wings is spectacular. I have a few more photos of moths I have taken in the past 12 months so may post them over the next little while.

Of course my encounter with the Hercules Moth added to teh moth inspiration.

I do intend to buy the CSIRO book on Moths of Australia to help reference them.

…and as usual have small thumbnail designs drawn up and brewing in my brain…illustrations and linocuts…and….

…and….need to finish current projects…then again I could just get distracted by something new…again….

9 thoughts on “Hawk Moth – Coequosa australasiae

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  1. Dear Lyn, I found your website so helpful in identifying a hawkmoth, the photo of which was sent to me by my son who was clearing privet in Berry, NSW. The photo is an exact replica of the photo on your website. Thank you very much, Best Wishes from Colin.

    1. Hi Snail
      I was looking through the Moths of Australia book recently and there are the most amazing patterns and colourings of moths that although much more subtle in colouring, are often more intricate in pattern than butterflies. I am hoping to finally buy the book at Queensland Museum this weekend on a trip to Brisbane.

  2. I was heading off to work tonight, when I saw what looked like a humming bird hovering around a flowering artichoke, so I was hunting information and hawk moth was suggested , which leads me to your web site . Have done some print making and really love the process . Your lino cut tutorials made me smile, I need to have a better look when Im not at work. ( I still think I saw a humming bird).

    1. Hi Gail,
      We don’t have hummingbirds in Australia – would love to see one!! As you can see we do have hawk moths which I find quite lovely. I’m glad I made you smile!

  3. Thanks for the photo, Lynn. I have recently seen a very similar moth in northern NSW – similar enough that I think it’s the same species. Amazing to see them live!

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