Ivory Curl Flower Tree…Buckinghamia celsissima

ivory-curl-flower-1As usual for this time of year my Ivory Curl Flower TreeBuckinghamia celsissima – puts on the most magnificent display of flowers.


ivory-curl-flower-tree-1Every year this tree gets bigger and it is pointed out that perhaps it should be pruned but at this time of year there is no way I would consider pruning it.

The masses of cream flowers against the vibrant green leaves – especially when set against the blue sky are just magnificent.  So unpruned it shall remain!!


This tree is from the proteaceae family (same as grevilleas and waratahs) and you can see in the close-up of the flower the similarities.


It is a common tree in northern NSW rainforests and is often used as street trees. The street trees are pruned to give a weeping top heavy display which is stunning but I prefer the tree to grow in my garden as it will with not a lot of intervention!

Ivory Curl Flower

3 thoughts on “Ivory Curl Flower Tree…Buckinghamia celsissima

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    1. Hi Robert
      The flowers get bees but not masses of them. it also attracts a lot of other small insects including butterflies and moths. The local lorikeets and small birds that feed on the insects will get in amongst the flowers as well. I must say it is a few years since I had a bee sting and it was never pleasant!

  1. Hi: I live on the far south coast of NSW, Australia. My Buck. Cel flowered magnificently last
    year, I pruned after flowers finished. This year only a couple but she is in magnificent condition. Growing well, glowing with health, but would love some flowers. April 3, 2013.

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