Linocut Carving – Progress on current work

design-art-linocut-blocksWell I have been carving some designs over the last 2 weeks.

I had earlier completed the Banksia coccinea and Native Mistletoe and as the Native rhododendron was on the carving board I decided to finish that.

As part of this series I have also completed the Gum Blossoms and have almost finished the Everlasting Daisies (strawflowers). So some progress being made.

I am hoping to print over the weekend as I have several things I need to get printed along with these new designs but have been caught up with family things and a rather irritated (and I must add irritating!!) RSI shoulder/neck/arm.

2 thoughts on “Linocut Carving – Progress on current work

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  1. This looks fantastic! I was searching around for some linocut inspiration/motivation and came across your post. I’ll definitely be coming back to see how these turn out on paper. Great work on your blog… thank you!

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