A list of current linocut projects…and becoming ‘unstuck’

Sherrie York over at Brush and Baron is also Stuck – it is a different stuck than mine – whilst she is looking for the next image I have spent months (and in some cases years! lol!!) creating images to work on and am now stuck deciding which one to work on first!! I could work on these designs and ideas whilst not being at home (a sketchbook can be taken along with me) but have not the time to carve or print. So consequently many ideas and projects all at various stages of development. So my ‘stuck’ is just finding the motivation/focus/headspace to actually get on with at least one of the projects and complete it!

I have been re-organising – well at least making some attempts to re-organise my workspaces (typically I have 3 much to  my husbands frustration!!) including the boxes and piles of drawings, prints, photographs etc etc etc… Actually in fact I have filed my photographs in their respective boxes but not as yet updated the database.

So in the hope that by making a list of my current/future projects that this may help find a path forward and actually start!

I decided to write the list here – that way it is officially ‘on record’ and hopefully this will give me a bit of a shove forward!

So here we go – THE LIST!! it should be noted however, that this list does not include the numerous small sketches and design plans for a variety of other projects…sigh…any suggestions which first?? lol!!


Kookaburra Illustration


Barn Owl – Linocut Design


Tawny Expressions – Linocut Designs


Emu Head – Pre Linocut Design


Seven new wildlfower designs as part of the Design Art series – Linocut Designs


Australian Wildlife Alphabet and Australian Wildflower Alphabet

Linocut designs for a posters (incomplete as yet!!)

6 thoughts on “A list of current linocut projects…and becoming ‘unstuck’

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  1. Hey Lyn… Wow! Look at all your “in progress” stuff! Choosing would definitely be tricky! I’m still flailing around, but trying not to panic about it. I’ve got ideas, but not the means to back them up at this moment. Ah, well. It’ll come. Eventually. Hopefully. Soon. Maybe. 😉

  2. Hi Snail – I guess I got nothin’ either lol!! I suspect I just need to start somewhere!! My husband has just been asking why I have so many images and no finished products!! Suspect he shouldn’t go there lol!!

    Hi Sherrie – mine dilemma as I just said to snail is just to start!! mine too is like – eventually, hopefully, soon maybe!! lol!!

    I have also started to sort out my ‘in-laws’ old photos and sort through the family tree and organise that sao that I can see how it all fits together. It’s a problem that I like jigsaw puzzles of all types! This is why I think I like to design and do printmaking!

  3. Wow! Such an assortment to choose from; nice place to be in, in certain respects. I have to say, my ultimate favourite in the list of possibilities are the Frogmouth Expressions. Absolutely FANTASTIC. Looking forward to the decision(s), eventually! 🙂

  4. Hi Annie,
    I have actually started carving – one of the wildflower designs was on the drawing/cutting board – so did that!! lol!!
    i have also been working on some designs to finalise the alphabets and the emu…
    So at least I feel like I am moving forward – if only a little lol!!

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