Indoor Cat World – windows and water dragons

In the world of our indoors only cat there are many windows to watch and entertain but no opportunity to reach and kill. windowwaterdragoncat

Our cat has quite a nice environment even though she lives soley indoors – we love our native birds and animals too much – we have numerous windows throughout the house in which to view the world and plenty of family and places within the house to provide amusement. Our cat ‘Ren’ is quite a shy and skittish cat around people she doesn’t know – even if she did go outside she would not really cope with all those big and little scary things that exist ‘out there’. Her favourite time is the morning when we let her out of the room she sleeps in at night and she gets to tour all the windows in the house.

windowwaterdragon4This is what she found the other day – a baby eastern water dragon – it is a new addition to our garden and a highly entertaining reptile, much bigger than those tiny skinks/lizards that usually entertain on the window ledges. Keeps her amused for ages.

This is better even that that silly, amusing and stupid dog that watches and waits – he is sooo stupid that sometimes he needs to be ‘meowed’ at to even realise that a game’s on. Then he runs ’round and ’round barking like a lunatic!! All the same cat and dog keep each other amused as long as there is a nice safe glass or screen door in between….

This lizard has big watchful eyes and sits very still until ‘Ren’ pounces against the glass then quick as a flash he’s gone.


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