Cape York Lily – Curcuma australasica

cape-york-lily-1Over the past month the Cape York Lily – Curcuma australasica – that remains underground and dormant springs to life! It starts with these large gorgeous leaves that rise out og the ground and unfurl with striped ridges. It is then followed by the flowers that start as green stalks and open with the flourescent pink flowers.


Then to add to the spectacular display down the stem of this flower stalk little pockets open out with yellow centres. I look forward to this flowering every year – it is quite spectacular! They will make a lovely linocut design when I get around to it…eventually…

cape-york-lily-2 cape-york-lily-3

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  1. Hi Snail,
    It is quite a lovely plant and as it is dormant and underground for a large part of the year, and i know this and where it is my garden. Somehow though I seem to forget so i still get a nice surprise each year when the leaves first sprout out of the ground and know these lovely flowers are on their way. I also have a Brisbane Lily whose leaves are also sprouting up everywhere – waiting for those flowers next.
    Good to see you’re back!

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