More Kurrajongs…Brachychiton species…

Snail’s comment on my previous post on the LIttle Kurrajong about the stunning Kurrajong trees has prompted me to have a bit of a trawl back into my archives to find a few more of these trees. Some of these images I have scanned from the ‘old style’ film photos so the colour is a little unusual.

Brachychiton acerifolium – Flame Tree – Illawarra Flame Tree

When in flower these trees clearly stand out in amongst the rainforest.

I remember driving down the South Coast from Sydney around the Kiama coastal bends years ago and seeing the flame trees dotted in amongst the deep green of the rest of the forest areas.

Brachychiton rupestre – Queensland Bottle Tree

This image was taken in the main street of Alstonville where there were two bottle trees. Last time I remember we were down to one due to roadworks widening the road. These are scans from photos I took about 5 years ago.

Brachychiton populneas – Kurrajong

These photos are again scanned and were taken about 8 years ago in Canberra ACT.

Brachychiton discolor – Lacebark

These absolutely gorgeous flowers came from a very old large Lacebark tree on a back road at the front gate of a farm. The tree and surrounding ground becomes absolutely covered in flowers and yes the leaves are also quit spectacular.

I must say this is my favourite of the Brachychiton species – so couldn’t resist sharing a couple of extra images…

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  1. Thanks Josh. They are a great species of trees – at the moment around where I live the Flame Trees are just brilliant vibrant red with flowers – real standout trees!

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