In my garden today…birdwings and grevilleas..

Birdwing Butterfly Vine Flower
Birdwing Butterfly Vine Flower

This is the flower of the Birdwing butterfly rainforest vine – Aristolochia praevenosa.

It is currently flowering in my garden – as warmer weather looks like it is now approaching I will keep an eye out for the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

My Grevillea barklyana is also flowering – I completed a linocut in the past of this wildflower. It has soft pinkc conmb-like flowers with interesting ribbed leaves with a pink tinge on the end. This particular form if the Jervis Bay Form from the South Coast of NSW.

Grevillea barklyana - Linocut
Grevillea barklyana - Linocut

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