Colour testing – ‘Waratahs’ Linocut

Here are the 3 colour samples I’ve worked on so far – I’ve noticed that some computer screens really mess with the actual colours – Waratahs Watercolour 1 – has pale green outside leaves – Waratahs Watercolour 2 – has deeper sepia type colours and Waratahs Watercolour 3 – has pale sepia colours.

…still deciding…any suggestions? comments?…

Waratahs - Pale green Watercolour 1

Waratahs - Sepia Watercolour 2

Waratahs - Pale sepia Watercolour 3

4 thoughts on “Colour testing – ‘Waratahs’ Linocut

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  1. Hi Lynn – I have just started using wordpress and came across your blog – I see you have been busy. We met some years back, firstly online on Print Australia and then in Glen Innes where I was living then. I am in Canberra now so I will be able to go and see your new work at discovery next week.


  2. Hi Pete,
    Yes I remember! You’ve moved to another cold climate (well at least in winter…). The Wildlife Art @ Discovery should be good – unfortunately it’s a bit far for me to travel to see. Have you a blog? Are you still printmaking?
    kind regards

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Yes I like a cold climate (and try to escape canberra in summer). I have just started a blog a few days ago – – not sure why my name in the comment above does not give a link to it? Still learning how to set up all the settings and the like. Still very much printmaking. I am in my third year at the ANU School of Art in the printmedia and drawing workshop – so not doing huge amounts of work outside of uni stuff, though I did manage a solo show back up in Glen Innes last year – mostly drawings. Good to see you are still hard at it.

  4. Hi Lynn
    thanks for your link – I have returned the favor. As for your colour testing – I think my personal favorite is the dark sepia – though it is sometimes hard to say from a screen image. I’m also assuming the currently uncoloured parts either side of center will be red and green?
    Yes I know Ampersand Duck – she does indeed work and teach in the book studio which is attached to the print workshop at ANU.

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