Waratahs and Linocuts

Whilst I a working on with the current ‘Waratahs’ Linocut thought I’d just post a few of my previous linocuts using the Waratah – telopia speciosissima – as the inspiration…

1. NSW State Floral Emblem - Linocut 1. NSW State Floral Emblem

7. 1998 Waratah - Linocut7. 1998 Waratah

8. Wild Waratah - Linocut 8. Wild Waratah

25. Waratah - Linocut 25. Waratah

82. Waratahs & Flannel Flowers  - Linocut 82. Waratahs and Flannel Flowers83. Waratah 02 - Linocut 83. Waratah 02

96. Waratah Trio - Linocut96. Waratah TrioAustralian Wildflower Card 1 - Waratah - Linocut Australian Wildflower Card 1 – WaratahM19. Miniature Waratah - LinocutM19. Miniature Waratah

…Still carving the current ‘Waratahs’...a complex linoblock but getting there….lots of fine lines, reworking to get clean lines and leaf ‘hatching’ today…

Waratahs Linoblock - Linocut 2

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