Swamp bloodwood…Corymbia ptychocarpa

Swamp Bloodwood 1 - Corymbia ptychocarpaThere a few of these lovely trees in our area -previously classified as Eucalyptus ptychocarpa but on the re-classification round-about have become Corymbia ptychocarpa. Shame that the linocut I made several years ago is called Eucalyptus…

Their common name is Swamp or Spring bloodwood – a Western Australian species. They tend to be an open spindly tree but with large lovely leaves with these vibrant buds and flowers.

Swamp Bloodwood 2 - Corymbia ptychocarpa Swamp Bloodwood 3 - Corymbia ptychocarpa 49. Eucalyptus now Corymbia ptychocarpa

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