HSC Major Works from long ago…Drawings…Illustration

Lizard Drawing IllustrationA  blast from the past – whilst cleaning up today I came across all my old HSC Drawing Major Works from *cough* years ago…(1981). They are a mixture of watercolour pencils, coloured pencil and (rotring) pen and ink. I must say looking back some were more successful than others…

Gorilla Drawing Illustration Butterfly Drawing Illustration Pelican Drawing Illustration

Caterpiller Drawing Illustration Seal Drawing Illustration

4 thoughts on “HSC Major Works from long ago…Drawings…Illustration

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  1. Hello Lyn,
    Have just been reading all of your hints, and having a good look at your fabulous work. When looking at your HSC folio, I must say it was obvious back then, that you have a prodigious talent!
    I have just started a Diploma in Visual Arts (at 63), and printmaking is one of the subjects, so this is why I am looking for any hints on the internet, as we start our first linocut next Wed.
    Your work is so great – the subject matter really appeals to me, and your precision is enviable.

    1. Hello Denise,
      Thanks for your comments – I hope the hints are helpful!
      Wow a Dip V Arts at 63 I’m so impressed! Is it a TAFE course? I have thought about going back for further study but life always seem to intervene.
      Good luck with your linocut class this week.
      kind regards

  2. Hey Lyn,
    I’m a Year 12 student doing Visual Arts as one of my subjects. I’m deciding a concept for my artwork at the moment but I’ve realised something…the artwork i’m visualising is quite obvious in the statement/message it’s conveying. Something maybe with text or something that is very forward in it’s message, kind of like a poster.
    Your HSC works are beautiful, and moreover, the message seems to be subtle, something the responder looks for in the colours, lines and forms of the artwork.
    I feel as though my major work would look a little bit obvious but I’m not sure how to go about improving that…I was wondering, how did you come up with your ideas for your major work?
    And also, if you don’t mind, what was your mark?
    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Hello VK,
      I did the HSC a VERY long time ago LOL! We simply had to chose a theme to base our works around – we didn’t even have to submit a diary although we had to keep the background work to show we had done it ourselves. So for my drawings I just did animals, and my photography (I did 3 unit double major works) I did an Essay on Anzac Day with photographs from the Anzac Day march with poems/text.
      These days it is my understanding you have to work through a concept in a process diary where you explore your concept ideas and types of media/experiments etc. From this you then work your larger major work/s. I think this is a great process and use a similar approach with my small thumb nail sketches. photographs and notes.
      I haven’t taught art for a very long time so your teachers will be the best to discuss whether your concept is appropriate or not. My only advice is start early!! Work on your artwork every week and aim to finish early – this will mean that you can have time to assess and tweek the final work without all the stress and rush. I hope it all goes well for you!
      kind regards

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