Linocuts…in the studio today…

Sturt Desrt Pea LinocutToday I have been working on the fourth of a series of about 12 linocuts.

This is a brown lino – not sure of its name – it carves easily but it can crumble more around the edges which can be frustrating. I had always used the grey silkcut lino but they kept changing the ‘formula’ over past years and I was very unhappy with it.

However, I used the latest ‘back to grey again’ silkcut for the New Zealand Wildflowers over the past month and was very happy with it again. Hopefully they’ll stick with this current formula!

I usually buy the lino in 1 metre lengths as it is certainly the most economical. The only downside is that if left for long periods there is a natural loss linseed oil used within the lino which can cause it to get really hard and for me with my RSI issues uncarvable.

…Speaking of which I am now taking a break from carving and am off to handcolour some New Zealand Wildflowers prints for the edition…

I had finished carving the other 3 in previous weeks…

Waratah Linocut Flannel Flowers Linocut Christmas Bush Linocut

Copyright – Lynette Weir

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