2008 Year of the Frog

Green Tree Frog 1
The Association of Zoos and Aquariums are making 2008 the Year of the frog to highlight the rapid decline of amphibian species throughout the world with many extinct or facing extinction. Along with habitat loss and degradation a fungal disease – chytridiomycosis (“chytrid”) – is spreading at an alarming rate causing losses of species or taking many to the brink of extinction – apparently up to 6,000 frogs could become extinct in our lifetime. The Association are asking people to sign up to be a friend of the frog and help raise awareness of the need for conservation and action.
In Australia we have one of the rarest frogs in the would the corroboree frog with only about 100 left in the wild – in the Snowy Mountains.
Herpetologist, Gerry Marantelli was recently on television – interesting interview.
More information about frogs can be found at Amphibian Ark.

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