Beautiful Butcherbirds

Butcherbird 3

The local pied butcherbirds were out in force yesterday afternoon gathering worms, grubs and the like in one of the large vegetable allotments kept by an avid local vegie grower. They have the most beautiful melodious call and along with magpies and their call are my favourite local ‘birdsingers’.

Butcherbird 2 Butcherbird 1

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  1. Hi Lynette, it’s exciting you’ve started a blog. Welcome to blogland!

    That bird is lovely. It looks a little bit like our british magpie although they make the most horrible sound (like a machine gun!) and people are very superstitious about them… one for sorrow, two for joy…etc. I’d rather have your butcher bird! You take great photos.

    I’ll be sure to keep checking back. I will add you to my blogroll. Thanks for linking to me. Have a good day.

  2. Hi Lesley, Thankyou for your welcome! Butcherbirds are quite nice birds and can be quite cheeky. I had one line up at a cafe in the botanic gardens in Brisbane wanting food! Of course there is a ‘do not feed the birds’ policy which is totally ignored by the birds who scramble for scraps left on plates before the tables are cleared. I am adding magpies today – another lovely bird….

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