Correa reflexa

This is another correa I have in my garden - Correa reflexa. There are a few variations of correa reflexa and I am not sure which one this is but it has beautiful pale flowers that continue to bloom over many months. of my linocut designs 86.Correa...

Correa alba – White Correa

This is the first flower to come out on my Correa alba plant. Unlike the Chef's cap correa this bell flower opens out like white stars. This is also a bird friendly species. The correas are the native fuschia species of Australia and although small flowers are dainty and I have found flower for a... Continue Reading →

Chef’s Cap Correa

The correas in my garden are now starting to flower. These delicate 'bell-like' flowers have a range of colours and sizes. This particular one is the Chef's Cap Correa - Correa baeuerlenii - it is from the Eurobodalla region on the south coast of NSW. The Friends of the Eurobodalla Botanic Gardens use this particular... Continue Reading →

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