Daisy Bug 2 – Close-up

This is a close up cropped shot of my "daisy bug" - bug or a beetle? I must admit I just love the patternwork dots and edging and dominant markings...it actually looks a bit like a turtle shell - definitely 'armor-like'.

Daisy Bug

After 'kinda sorta' searching a few databases, still couldn't find the name for this bug. I think bugs and beetles are quite lovely and so many different colours, sizes and shapes. I must admit I love those pinboards in museums that show the different species from small to large in all their splendour - not... Continue Reading →

Common Grass Yellow Butterflies

Over the last few days the yellow butterflies have come out to play! We are surrounded by flashes of yellow I love the way they gather together under awnings and flit, fly and flutterby. They have been wherever I went on the weekend, even 100kms away. My grandfather was an avid fisherman - I think... Continue Reading →

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