HSC Major Works from long ago…Drawings…Illustration

A  blast from the past – whilst cleaning up today I came across all my old HSC Drawing Major Works from *cough* years ago…(1981). They are a mixture of watercolour pencils, coloured pencil and (rotring) pen and ink. I must say looking back some were more successful than others…

Tawny Frogmouth Illustration

I have just finished this Tawny Frogmouth illustration using rotring pens and lots and lot and lots of dots! The basic technique involves using dots to create the image – the closer the dots the deeper the tone. I would like to try the Tawny Frogmouth images in watercolour as well for the current project… Continue Reading →

Cassowary – from long ago….

This Cassowary drawing is one I completed as part of my HSC Art Major Works – a long time ago….. I used the fine rotring pen that I have resurrected for my recent illustration course work and used watercolour pencils for the colouring. Cassowary are huge scary birds – they have large, dangerous toed feet… Continue Reading →

New Zealand Falcon Illustration

The New Zealand Falcon Falco novaeseelandiae or – Karearea (Moari name) – is an endangered bird species that is only found in New Zealand. Falcons for Grapes is a program that has been established in some vineyards where a pair of New Zealand Falcons is introduced into a vineyard to reduce the damage to the… Continue Reading →

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