Kookaburra Illustration Drawing

I have just finished this drawing of a Kookaburra. Again it is drawn using light washed of watercolour and many many dots made with a fine nib rotring pen. It is a drawing I started last year and is part of my mission to complete unfinished projects. I am still carving one of the unfinished... Continue Reading →

Sydney and Botanica 2009

I have been away in Sydney for the past week and managed to spend a morning wandering around the Royal Botanic Gardens and Art Gallery of NSW. It has been over 2 years since my last visit and I was grateful the rain held off so I could just wander around. It was an added... Continue Reading →

Baldy or White-headed pigeons

A few days ago I photographed these Baldy Pigeons (they are also known as White-Headed pigeons) over on the Clarence River near Grafton in northern NSW. These three had come in close to a birdbath to have their afternoon drink and were lined up on a trellis. They usually are only seen around this area... Continue Reading →

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