Preparing a Linocut Block for printing

Here a few quick tips on getting your linocut block prepared ready for printing. * Before you start carving or printing a linocut blockĀ  you can gently remove the waterproof coating. Linocut blocks are coated in a waterproof coating – if you place a drop of water on the surface it will bead and not… Continue Reading →

Printing a linoblock…Linocut…Linoprints…

Printing a linoblock is not always an easy task – there are so many linocut prints out there that have been have not been printed well. This was highlighted again to me yesterday whilst in a building with numerous artworks hanging throughout the large complex (I am very impressed by this!) including linocut prints (even… Continue Reading →

Currently Linocut Carving – Wildflorals

I am currently working my way slowly carving a new series of linocuts which I have called ‘Wildflorals’. Perhaps they are ‘wild’ but maybe I should also have bracketed the title ‘slightly mad’. They are a series of 6 designs based around 6 different Australian wildflowers – Banksia, Waratah, Waxflower, Wattle, Firewheel & Gum Blossoms…. Continue Reading →

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