Flannel Flowers – linocut carving

Spent some of the day finishing carving this new Flannel Flowers linocut design. Twas good & stopped regularly to stretch, rest & do exercises for RSI in shoulder. On to the Powderpuff lily pily design tomorrow!

Flannel Flowers, Teatree & Blueberry Ash

This morning I went out to photograph the flannel flowers – Actinotus helianthi – in Wardell. This is a small town just south of Ballina – it has large sandy sections that get covered in flannel flowers.These are short- lived plants flowering mainly in Spring and are replaced each year by seedlings. I love these… Continue Reading →

Flannel Flowers…Spring is in the air…almost…

I have just photographed this flannel flower bud from my garden today. We must be heading for Spring…lovely fine sunny warm day today. It was sunny but cool yesterday with a breeze but no breeze today… This is a flannel flower tryptich linocut print that I completed some time back.

Flannel Flowers

Flannel flowers are now flowering in my garden and I know are out throughout New South Wales. These soft daisy-like flowers have petals that are quite thick and feel like a flannel cloth. The centres are raised like a soft button. They were the Centenary of federation emblem for NSW in 2001. They have a… Continue Reading →

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